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Past events: Maker City Summit 2020, Crop Pop Up Baton Rouge 2019, Adobe MAX vendor 2020, AAF D7 Leadership Conference 2020, Creative Works vendor 2016-2019 , Made by Few vendor 2018, Creative Works One-Day Seattle 2019

What we speak about

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Burn Steady, Not Out!

In this workshop we cover fighting hustle culture, setting boundaries, and making room in your life so you can do your best work and avoid burnout in the process. We’ll share how we run our business, balance full time jobs with passion projects, and how we work harmoniously as a team. Join The Society of the Single Flame for only 5 monthly payments of $19.95. It’s not a cult, but hustle culture is!

Burning Steady in a World on Fire: How we survived our first year as a full-time business in a pandemic

What a year, right? We quit our day jobs to take Pretty Useful Co. full time in March of 2020 - the same month that the world ground to a screeching hault. With some trial and error, therapy, and a lot of pivoting we managed to not only survive but thrive, and we have some lessons we can share from our best/worst year ever.

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