Pretty Useful Co. was founded in 2016 as a small goods collaboration between Allie Mounce and Clare Freeman that has grown into a creative studio serving brands large and small. We excel at designing brands bursting with personality and creating illustrations and animations that delight and inspire. We have a deep toolbox of skills, but our greatest asset of all is that we’re a good hang – and we care deeply about what we do.

What we do
(and what we don't)

We find that our best work comes from strong partnerships and a healthy work/life balance, so we only work with clients we’re excited about regardless of industry or budget. We keep our operations small and nimble so we can take on projects we can’t wait to start, do work we love with kind and interesting people, and then get off our computers and live our lives.

What we do

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Apparel & Merchandise
Ecommerce & Web Design
Environmental Design
Editorial & Layout
Marketing & Content

What we don't

Work for jerks
Phone it in
Make the logo bigger
Speed dial
Hide our feelings
Half truths
Expect the worst
Read minds (yet)
Band-aid solutions
“Good enough”
Assume we know best
Sell ourselves short

Fun first

Joy is at the core of what we do, who we are, and who we choose to work with. Creative work is magical, and our enthusiasm for what we do every day is reflected in the  work we make for our clients. We take our work seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time doing it.

Collaboration is key

We’d much rather get to know you and build something together than pretend we can read your mind (although how cool would that be?) or take marching orders with no input. The best solutions come from collaboration with our clients, and we see ourselves as creative partners to everyone we work with.

Forever curious

We’re perpetual students, always learning. We embrace challenging projects and uncertainty - that’s how we grow! If we’re comfortable, that means we’re not growing. We never assume we know everything, and are always looking for new paths and solutions and questioning the status quo.

Honesty always

Good design can’t exist without trust, and trust can’t exist without clear communication. Sometimes that means uncomfortable conversations, owning up to mistakes, or taking the time to clarify instead of making assumptions. We do our best to create an environment where it’s easy to be honest, both with ourselves and our clients.

See our work

The Liquor Store

Brand Expansion, Logo Design, Illustration, Print Design, Merchandise

Good and Well Supply Co.

Shopify Web Design, Web Development, Illustration, Product Photography, Lifestyle Photography