Clare Freeman

Design + Development

If enthusiasm were a superpower

Like many in her generation, Clare found her humble beginnings in the online world of Neopets. Now, a couple decades later, Clare Freeman is an illustrator, animator, and web developer who focuses on elevating brands through clear and compelling visual communication. Since graduating from Memphis College of Art in 2013 with a BFA in Illustration, Clare has worked in the design industry at different small agencies while moonlighting as a freelance illustrator, and then a small business owner. In 2020 she took the leap and got Business Married, going full-time business owner just before the word "pandemic" became an every day part of her vocabulary. When Clare's not working, she's probably tending to her houseplants, attempting home improvement projects aided by the professional know-how of Youtube, or playing Dungeons & Dragons.


Amateur botanist

South paw

Aggressively loves birthdays

Won a car at her high school graduation celebration

The book was better than the movie

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