Allie Mounce

Design + Strategy

If chaotic good was a person

Growing up in Memphis, Allie was always making something. Comics, forts, illustrated books, paintings, extremely ambitious home videos starring her pet hamsters. She focused on painting and fine art until college when she discovered she could move pixels on a computer instead of getting covered in turpentine and prompty pivoted to graphic design, type, and web design, graduating with a BFA from the University of Tennessee. After ten years of creating award-winning work for non-profits and small agencies Allie felt the call of the wild and jumped in full-time self-employment in 2020. When Allie isn’t working she’s probably cooking something overly aspirational for a week night, redesigning her Animal Crossing island while watching a horror movie, or scouring vintage stores for midcentury furniture and CathrineHolm enamelware.


Bad movie enthusiast

Would eat sushi for every meal

Had 12 pets at once as a kid

Wishes every day was Halloween

Laughs at her own jokes

☼ Capricorn ☾ Gemini ↑Leo

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