Katie Mars

Accounts + Marketing

This is a Story About a Girl Named Lucky

Originally born and raised in Memphis, Katie hopped across the state for a four year stint at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and walked away with a Public Relations degree and headache from all the orange. Since then, she’s developed her skills in various branches of marketing in the music and advertising industries. Her skillset includes a little bit of everything, but mainly focuses on paid social media, account management, and making intricate spreadsheets. Katie has worked with national clients including Hampton Inn/Hilton and Bass Pro Shops, and local clients including Memphis in May, Graceland, Indie Memphis Film Festival, Memphis Food & Wine Festival, and Baptist Memorial Hospitals. She’s also proud to serve on the board of directors for both the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby Co and AAF Memphis. When Katie isn’t working or volunteering she’s probably stress cleaning her oven, building something dumb or breaking someone down in The Sims, or listening to Ashlee Simpson.


Was born without a meniscus in both knees

Believes in the healing power of corndogs

Once ate Doritos with Ludacris

Wanted to be the host of Dateline as a child. Still does, honestly.

Will probably get a fifth cat soon (don’t tell her husband)

Is, like, really famous on TIktok

☼ Aquarius ☾ Gemini ↑Aries

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