The Liquor Store

Brand Expansion, Logo Design, Illustration, Print Design, Merchandise

Always a Good Time

What We Did

Brand Expansion, Logo Design, Illustration, Print Design, Merchandise

The Liquor Store is a cozy all-day breakfast and Cuban diner inside a refurbished liquor store. They serve tropical vibes, comfort food, and inventive brunch cocktails all day every day. We expanded and refined the original brand to create a suite of illustrations, collateral, and logo marks to give them a flexible identity that will continue to grow with them in the future.

Always a Good Time

Brand Expansion

Luis Toro, one of the original owners, designed the initial brand to feel like a mix between a tiki bar and a classic diner and wanted to continue that fun feeling, but with more polish. We created an expanded color palette, logo family, type guide, and illustrations for merchandise that didn't replace The Liquor Store brand people already knew and loved, just gave it some legs to run with.

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