Rallie Enhanced Water for Dogs

Naming, Branding, Packaging, Identity, Collateral, Illustration

Ready to Run With Rallie

What We Did

Naming, Branding, Packaging, Identity, Collateral, Illustration

Hardy Beverages has created multiple hydrogen-infused beverage products, and came to us to help position their first venture into a new audience - this time of the four-legged variety. Rallie is a hydrogen-rich water formulated exclusively for dogs to keep them hydrated, increase their stamina and energy, and speed recovery. We joined forces with Hardy Beverages to create a name, packaging, and online presence that matched the product's energy and thirst for adventure.

Ready to Run With Rallie

Logo System

We created a family of brand marks centered around a retro, fun custom type treatment inspired by vintage racing brands. Our goal was to create a brand that felt approachable for casual hydrators (think: a long walk in the park or a hike in the canyons) but also felt thoughtful and science-forward for more serious athletes like agility competitors.


Our goal for the pouch and 6-pack packaging was to turn them into portals to a magical world where dogs run free, tennis balls grow on bushes, and even the trees are made of delicious chewy treats - Rallie turns even the shortest of journeys into a chance for big adventure. We created two illustrations with characters and landscapes for each flavor, one for the unflavored and one for the peanut butter flavor.

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