Cold Gold

Photography by Poynter

Branding, Packaging, Identity, Collateral

Cold Gold - helping a jewelry brand find its shine

What We Did

Branding, Packaging, Identity, Collateral

Cold Gold already had a lot going for it by the time we came to the scene: gorgeous leather, clay, and brass jewelry, a romantic and catchy name, and a loyal fanbase always ready for new product. All they needed from us was an updated brand and packaging to match their fresh and funky geometric style to take their world domination to the next level.

Logo System

We created a family of brand marks based around a modern "CG" monogram as well as various playful type treatments of the name and a color palette that is bold and warm but not so overwhelming it restricts their use of color in new lines of jewelry.

Packaging & Collateral

We created a line of packaging for Cold Gold's signature brass, clay, and leather jewelry designs that matched their geometric and funky vibe - our goal was to make the packaging as alluring as the jewelry itself. The cards are soft-touch coated, gold foil stamped, and die cut into jewel-like shapes that feel luxe and fun.

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