The Future of Facebook

Brand & Identity, Commercial Illustration, Packaging & Collateral

The Future of Facebook - A Tech Tarot Deck

What We Did

Brand & Identity, Commercial Illustration, Packaging & Collateral

We were tasked with creating an oversize deck of tarot cards or “provocations” for the Facebook staff to use to brainstorm innovations and potential blocks to their goals in 2020. Ironically, there is no pandemic card! The 58 card deck is split up into six color-coded “suits” following themes of technology, politics, environment, organization, economics, and social issues.

Big ideas, simple illustrations

Each card includes rankings for impact and certainty, no matter how outlandish the idea. National toilet paper shortage, political coup, and murder hornets unfortunately did not make the cut. We took complicated concepts and turned them into easy to understand and fun illustrations.

Looking back, moving forward

Even though it turned out nobody could have predicted 2020, we hope this tarot deck proved useful to the leadership team at Facebook as they survived the many challenges and pivots of the year.

"Wow you're so easy to work with, thank you"

Someone at Facebook, probably

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