FedEx Logistics Rooftop Murals

Mural installation by Anthony Lee, Khara Woods, and Zelitra Peterson-Traylor

Illustration, Design, Project Management, Coordination

Connecting Colleagues, Connecting the World

What We Did

Illustration, Design, Project Management, Coordination

The brand new FedEx Logistics headquarters in Memphis, TN opened its doors as we began to emerge from the pandemic in mid 2021, and FedEx Logistics tasked us with making the rooftop feel like a place employees would be excited to gather. We designed two murals facing each other: one to showcase the breadth of FedEx’s services and global reach that featured ground, air, freight, and logistics, and one that celebrated the music and history of the city of Memphis, featuring the pyramid and BB King’s Lucille guitar.

Connecting Colleagues, Connecting the World


Designing and installing these murals presented some unique challenges - the ribbed south-facing wall required offsite assembly on substrate material to prevent fading over time, and the clean and precise art style we wanted to achieve on both murals was not easy to replicate in paint. Luckily, we had partnered with Anthony Lee in the past to create the Memphis Travel "With Love from Memphis" mural and knew that if anyone would be able to help us bring the murals to life it would be him and his team. The south-facing wall was painted offsite for several weeks, transported, and then installed onsite, and the north-facing wall was hand painted over several days.

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